Thursday, December 9, 2010


Noah is really into pretend play. One of our latest games?  Playing "Mommy." Basically, it's role reversal.  I am Noah. Noah is Mommy. When I'm in a good mood - or at least trying to be in good mood - I model GOOD three year old behavior. "Please," "thank you," talking quietly.

But I confess, I'm not always in good mood. Sometimes, I give Noah's not-so-angelic behavior right back to him.  I say: "Mommy, I wanna a cookie. Mommy, iwannacookie.  Mommy,  iwannacookie, rightnow. RIGHT NOW.  Mommy, I'm hungry. Imhungry. I'm soooooo hungry, Mommy."

You know what? It feels Really Good to act like a not-so-angelic-three-year-old.

Noah gets a funny little smile on his face when I "misbehave."

And then, he answers in a very calm, patient, understanding voice. "Okay, Noah, just a moment. Let me finish this work and then I'll get you a cookie."

And that part? Where he answers me so calmly? That feels pretty good, too. I may not win any Mother of the Year awards, but I'm can't be doing too badly...

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Pregnantly Plump said...

When Little Elvis gets too whiny, I start whining as well. He thinks it's hilarious, but it hasn't stopped the whining... yet.