Friday, November 5, 2010

The Moon in the Suncatcher

My grandmother recently moved out of her large ranch home and into assisted living. Last winter was especially difficult for her.  Even for a fully functioning adult, it's lonely when the snowdrifts cover the cornfields in Iowa.

This fall has been full of preparations.  Most of them focused around the pragmatic issues of how - exactly - one reduces 2000+ sf of life's belongings to 800sf.  We've inherited a couple sentimental items in the process.

One item is this suncatcher.  I hung it above the kitchen sink in our house, just as my grandmother had hung it above her kitchen sink.  Noah asked me, "why is there a MOON in a SUNcatcher?"

Isn't is funny the way our minds categorize things?  When I saw the suncatcher design, my first thought was: When was the moon one of a dozen popular kitsch designs?  The 80s?  The 90s?  Is this retro yet?

A better question: When did my thinking become too complicated to see simple connections (or contradictions)?

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