Saturday, November 6, 2010

Comando Crawling

After a month of pushing himself backwards across the floor, 7 month-old Mattias is pulling himself forward.  It's comando-style crawling. I have high hopes we might see real crawling in the next two weeks.  Why?  Because in addition to forward-comando-crawling, he's backwards-real-crawling. Ah ha!

I know lots of parents bemoan the beginning of locomotion.  But I couldn't wait for Noah to crawl.  He seemed frustrated by his inability to move.  When Noah finally figured it out, he seemed soooo happy to have the independence.  Mattias?  Well, he's pretty happy about his new-found locomotion.  But honestly, I don't think Mattias is nearly as bored or frustrated as Noah was at this age.  Because Mattias has a big brother.  Noah's 3 year-old antics keep Mattias totally entertained, crawling or not.

Having two piccolini of different ages is convenient.   I wish I had figured this out when Noah was a baby.  I would have arranged playdates with the neighbors' preschoolers (instead of the babies).

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